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Virtual tour. What is it?

Virtuálna prehliadka je stále žiadanejším doplnkom mnohých webov. Prostredníctvom nej akoby svojho zákazníka prevádzate po vašej firme, ubytovacom zariadení, reštaurácii alebo obchode. Skladá sa z niekoľkých panoramatických fotografií, prepojených šípkami, mapami a náhľadmi tak, aby vytvorili priestorový dojem, v ktorom sa dá virtuálne prechádzať.

Why do i need it?

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. Well, a single virtual tour is more attractive than hundreds of pictures. If you are running a facility you are proud of and want to present it to as many clients as possible, there is no better solution than a virtual tour. It allows you to show the rooms and facilities of your hotel or restaurant to your prospective visitors so that they feel like they have actually been there. Naturally, you can add your logo, video presentation or music.

The virtual tour is an excellent feature of your website. Visitors enjoy it immensely and it is getting more and more popular, especially considering its low implementation costs.